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7 weeks and counting…

Well, hi there, everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I’ve decided that blogging, rather than emailing or incessant Facebook/Twitter posting (although let’s face it- that’s not stopping), would be a better way to keep everyone updated on my stories and such, particularly when I leave in July of this year (7 weeks!) to study abroad in Chile. So here it is! I also wanted to start it well before I left and while I had the time to go through all the set-up and work on my writing.

Once I leave to study abroad, this blog will focus mainly on my adventures in South America. Before then, and hopefully once I return to the States, the blog will be a mix of life musings, commentary and opinion, and kitchen fun. I follow several blogs, all of them having to do with food, and I hope to emulate what I love most about them, while finding my own style and writing voice.

On that note: if you find flaws in my writing and photography (and trust me, you will!), please comment and leave suggestions. I’m very new at this, but I would like to be good at it, so I would appreciate your help in making this an interesting, well-written, and enjoyable place to take a break and maybe learn something.

Just to keep you interested, soon I’ll be posting a Rocky Road cheesecake, talk about saying goodbye, and share random thoughts that I’ve managed to write down.

Random thought of the day: if you haven’t gone to the store since the last time you opened the cabinet, nothing new is going to be in there.

That’s the kind of stuff that goes on in my head. So exciting, right?

(I promise I have deeper things to share than that…)

Later gators!


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