You ever have one of those days where you have basically no motivation to do anything? That’s been me for about three days now. How I’ve managed to get anything at all done, I have no idea. I’ll close my laptop and just lie there on my bed for like five whole minutes, staring at the ceiling. I have no lack of things to do. Apparently I just don’t want to do any of it at all. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to get out of this rut? It’s not like me.

Before I got slammed with the lethargy bug, I made cookies.

On the blog where I found them, they were entitled Double ‘Darth’ Chocolate Wookie Cookies, a Star Wars title that the recipients of the cookies loved. Originally they are a Pierre Hermé recipe entitled Korova Cookies. Apparently that’s French for chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Side note: Pierre Hermé is an important French baker. All of my food blogs love him.

Creaming butter and sugar together. One of my favorite parts of the cookie baking process.

What a glorious sight. Butter and sugar, like all cookie recipes begin. This is not a very complicated cookie recipe. Cream the butter and sugar, sift together your dry ingredients (flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt), add slowly to the butter-sugar amazingness, and stop when just combined. Then stir in some chocolate chips.

The Pierre Hermé recipe calls for fleur de sel, Dutch processed cocoa, and bittersweet or fine dark chocolate. Like I have the money for fleur de sel. I used kosher salt, Nestlé unsweetened cocoa powder, and semisweet chocolate chips instead.

This is where it gets a little different from regular cookie recipes. After just mixing until combined, divide the dough in half, roll into logs, cover with plastic wrap, and chill for about an hour. Then cut into half-inch slices and bake at 325 for 12 minutes.

They were supposed to be chewy. They were not. They were slightly overdone (one of my biggest cookie pet peeves) and crunchy. The chocolate flavor was pretty good. They should taste a little salty, since that complements and brings out the chocolate flavors (truth: try a dark chocolate covered pretzel sometime). But texture is very important to me when it comes to cookies, and the texture was off. Not my best day, but they could have been a lot worse.

Things I do differently: Only bake one tray at a time. Try parchment paper as directed. Decrease the baking time by a minute. Not cool them on the cookie sheets as directed.

The finished product. I have cleverly hidden the burnt bottoms. And failed at food styling.

In other news, I have finally submitted my visa application  to the Chilean consulate and am anxiously awaiting confirmation that they have received it. In the meantime, I need to finish my vaccines, find a part-time source of employment for six weeks, get a plane ticket to Miami (from where we will depart for Santiago), and buy way too much stuff.

This is when motivation would be useful.

We’re almost done! I apologize for the ramblings of the last post. It was too long.

Random thoughts of the day: when your nails get so long that you have trouble texting, it’s time to clip them.

WebMD is a horrible place. ModCloth, on the other hand, is a beautiful one.

Is Pinterest worth it? I know that once I’m on, there’s no turning back.

Eat days- a term I believe I heard from Joy the Baker and Shutterbean, regarding a day where you eat everything in sight- tend to coincide with I’ll-do-anything-but-exercise days. Of course.

Before I sign off, I just want to thank all of you readers who have spent a little time with these first few posts. WordPress has a really neat stats feature that allows me to see how many views my blog is getting per day, what countries those views are coming from (apparently I had one from Germany!), and what sites are referring you to the blog (i.e., Facebook and Twitter). And apparently other people are indeed reading the blog! Surprisingly, very few viewers have come via links on Facebook and Twitter, which are currently the only sites on which I publicize my blog.

Please, if you have read any of these posts, comment. It only takes a second, and all you need to say is, “Hi Gaby! I read it.” Or, preferably, “Hi Gaby! My name is so-and-so. I came here via blahblahblah. I liked this: (positivity). I didn’t like this: (advice).” And so on. Whatever floats your boat, just please say hello and let me know you are indeed out there!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you have beautiful summery weather and fun parties to enjoy. Please remember our armed forces, veterans, and victims of war in your thoughts and prayers.

With love,



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4 responses to “Oof.

  1. emroznowski

    Stay strong girl! It will all get done. Don’t worry. At least that’s what I’m telling MYself about my last week and a half of school. Can’t wait to bake with you and catch up!!

  2. Mia

    Hi Gaby! Read it, and now I want cookies. 🙂

  3. Colleen

    I see you 🙂

    NOTE: The above comment is not literally true.

  4. Ed

    Those were good! But, I mean, everything you bake is awesome.

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