This post brought to you by the 90’s

The 90’s have been rocking my world lately. Friends is now on Nick at Nite. Seriously?! The shows on Nick at Nite when I was a kid were The Facts of Life and The Brady Bunch. You’re telling me something from my recent childhood is now eligible for Nick at Nite status? Stop it.

Then I think later that night I found myself watching Rugrats, which I have not watched in years. It was amazing catching stuff that I definitely didn’t get when I was younger. I also remembered a LOT of the episode. Really, brain? You couldn’t do better than a C in Calculus, but you manage to retain specific details of a cartoon? Helpful you are.

And I spent most of my afternoon re-reading the Amelia’s Notebook series of books- did anyone else read those when they were little? It was a series published by American Girl. Pretty well-written and interesting for children’s books, I’d say.

Now I’m playing 90’s pop on Pandora. Let’s be real: I was barely 8 when the 90’s ended. I shouldn’t be able to remember all this music, but I totally do, and it is awesome.

Enough of that. Time for baking!

I put together a batch of peanut butter and honey thumbprint cookies. These cookies were surprisingly labor-intensive and more time-consuming than I thought they would be. But I’m happy with the result, and I hope the recipient will be too!

Cream butter, brown sugar, and vanilla together. Mix in egg yolks. Add flour. The usual. Here’s where it gets a little messy.

Take egg whites (the other half of those yolks, remember?) and beat them lightly. Roll the dough into balls, dip in the egg whites, and coat with finely chopped peanuts. Press your thumb in the middle of the balls (hence thumbprints), and bake at 375 for 12 minutes.

This is about what they look like when they come out:

Golden, nutty, dented cookies.

I got about 2 dozen cookies from the recipe, including some very large ones. You could probably stretch it to 3 dozen more reasonably-sized cookies.

While those cookies are cooling, mix up creamy peanut butter with honey until sweetened but still thick. Place the peanut butter in a pastry bag if you’re fancy and have those things, or be like me and put it in a freezer bag, make a mess trying to get the spoon and your hand out, and cut a corner of the bag off.

Like this!

Attempt to fill each cookie with an equal amount of filling. It’s probably easier to make it pretty with a pastry bag and a tip, but the freezer bag works just fine if you’re not a perfectionist.

Finished product!

Continued adventures in food styling.

Things I would have done differently: Shaped the filling holes better. Cut a smaller hole in the freezer bag for more precision. Overall, it’s a tasty cookie, not super-sweet, but very nutty and filling. You can find the recipe at Lorie’s Mississippi Kitchen.

The weather has turned cool after a brief heat wave, and rain is coming our way, so expect a few more posts at the end of the week as I finish a rather hefty list of baking projects. On the list: cinnamon sugar biscotti, red velvet crinkles, and strawberry clafoutis.

I spent some time last night talking to an acquaintance of my mother who is from Chile. Just in an hour’s conversation she told me a couple of things that I hadn’t learned already: like, it’s custom to wear shoes in the house; you should carry just the money you need when you go out, not your whole wallet; and some places have different prices depending on your nationality (i.e., they want you to pay in American dollars if you’re an American). I’m hoping to meet with her next week to  learn more and practice my Spanish.

Still haven’t decided on a flight to Miami yet. Still need to get my typhoid vaccine. Still need to get a backpack, hiking boots, Under Armor…everything really. On the plus side, the consulate received my visa application! Here’s hoping it’s not missing anything and they can get it to me in a couple of weeks.

Random thoughts: You should think out how a baked good will ship before you make it.

Soul music and classic rock are the best. That’s really my music. I may have been born in the wrong era.

I can’t resist Forrest Gump when it’s on TV. Ever. Nor can I resist popcorn when it’s in front of my face.

Not running for three days and then running in 90 degree weather is hard. Actually, it sucks.

Cold salmon on crackers may just be the best lunch known to man.

What is the line between being culturally sensitive and oversensitive? I thought about this today as I was putting together books that my family is sending to a library in our family’s (as in, my grandfather’s) village in the Philippines. Like, books about snakes? Okay. The children’s version of South Pacific? Maybe not so much…

Back to blog-related stuff: thank you for your comments and views! I had 31 views the day my last post was published, and less than half of those were from Facebook and Twitter. (Two were from France!) So whoever is reading this, however you’re getting here: thanks for stopping by! Please, please comment! I have no idea if that drives traffic to this blog, but the day I had 31 views, I got 4 comments. So just let me know you’ve been here!

That’s all I’ve got for now, guys! Comment away, and look out for more food coming at your face very soon.

With love,



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2 responses to “This post brought to you by the 90’s

  1. Molly

    Those. Look. Delicious. I love peanuts!

    Your post reminds me of all those “You know you were a 90’s kid when…” posts and every time I think of those I think of the Fresh Prince of Bel air theme song haha.

  2. emroznowski

    The cookies look great Gaby!
    Also I LOVED the Amelia’s Notebook books and totally forgot about them until you reminded me!
    Can’t wait to be featured on this blog when I get back (SIX days) and bake with you 🙂

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