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Knowing your audience

Today is all about charlando, not so much about cocinando or horneando. I hope that doesn’t disappoint any of you.

I haven’t had much baking inspiration this week, plus with the marble loaf cake in the house, we really didn’t need anything to eat. Now, however, the cake is gone and our supply of store-bought cookies is drying up. So here’s my plan:

Blueberry muffin bread- ideally, tomorrow morning. I got this idea from a friend, and now I have this dream of waking up early (on a Saturday morning. I know.), with the pretty sunlight in the kitchen, and putting together this bread in time for my family to wake up and enjoy for breakfast.

Fresh strawberry pie, with fresh whipped cream. I love strawberries. I love pastry crust. I love whipped cream. I want them all together in my face right now.

Peach and raspberry crumble. Or raspberry muffins. But really, peach and raspberry crumble. Doesn’t that just sound beautiful?

And some cookie recipes in there, because apparently the baby brother doesn’t like berries and it’d be unfair to leave him out of all the fun.

Do you have anything you would like to see me make? Please comment and let me know! It doesn’t have to be desserts, either. I’m totally down for real meal food. Think summery and seasonal. I want to know my audience!

Speaking of knowing my audience: writing professional, sincere, appropriate, clear emails is difficult enough in English. I’ve recently had to send out a few in Spanish to some contacts I’m building in Chile. I agonize plenty over how to thank people, ask for what I want, and close politely in English. I don’t know exactly how to do it in Spanish, let alone Chilean Spanish, since English conventions do not translate directly to Spanish. Here’s hoping everyone understands I’m a gringa just trying her best.

Also regarding knowing your audience: don’t make out at a baseball game. Especially when it’s an away game. Especially when you’re playing at a rival team’s stadium. Especially in front of six children under the age of 13. As the dad of those children was trying to get his toddler to say: “Get a room!”

Side note: can you report excessive PDA as fan misconduct?

We have clearly now entered the random thoughts portion of this post:

Long afternoons are the best.

You know what’s awesome? Thinking it’s Friday, but then it’s actually just Thursday. Although this may only apply to people like me who are off for the summer and it’s an eternal weekend up in here.

Putting a Band-Aid on a baby’s big toe is difficult. They are squirmy and fussy. I love love LOVE me some babies, but man, an extra hand would be useful.

So yeah, I don’t have any food for you this time around. Hopefully tomorrow I will start shoving some berry-filled goodness into your face.

Get out and live your life this weekend!

With love,



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