More cake for breakfast

So last night, I set my alarm for 7:15, thinking I would stumble out of bed to the kitchen, where I had set the coffee to brew on a timer and laid out all my ingredients, and start whipping together this blueberry muffin bread I keep talking about.

7 AM rolls around, and I wake up with an awful stomachache. Numerous thoughts run through my head, including that maybe the steak sandwich I had for dinner last night was bad, or that I was going to experience icky side effects of the typhoid vaccine.

But 9 times out of 10, if I have promised someone a special baked good, I’m going to get it done. And I had promised my family the muffin bread last night. So really, I had no other option except to suck it up and get going.

Boy, am I glad I did.

The credit for this recipe goes to my friend C. who posted about it on my Facebook profile the other day. Ever since then, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Blueberry muffin. Bread. Come on! It’s really just a Williams-Sonoma blueberry muffin recipe baked in an 8×8 pan. Genius, C. You have now added another cake-for-breakfast recipe to the arsenal.

Converting a muffin recipe to a bread recipe totally makes sense: quickbread and muffin batters are essentially the same. The key with these batters is not to overmix! We’ll get back to this later.

Let’s start!

Good morning, friends!

We’ve got our old stalwarts flour, sugar, and salt here. We are also joined by recurring guest star cinnamon, up-and-comer non-stick spray, and, in a rare appearance together, baking powder AND baking soda. Not pictured are melted unsalted butter, eggs, and milk.

Dry ingredients and wet ingredients start separately!

Cinnamon makes it smell nice.

Whisking dry ingredients together is a great way to make sure everything is well-incorporated. I don’t think a wooden spoon does quite the same job as fast.

Fats and proteins. Important for taste and texture!

Important notes regarding the wet ingredients: you MUST let your melted butter cool. If you melt it in the microwave, just hit it for 20 seconds and be done. It will cool quickly. Do NOT put hot butter in with eggs, or the eggs will begin to scramble and the milk might even curdle. We want our scrambled eggs on the side of our breakfast cake, not inside of it. Yuck.

I hit a little bit of a snag here because I put cold milk in there, and the melted butter was so cooled that it actually started to re-solidify a bit. This is not a problem, however, because although the recipe says “mix until smooth,” it’s not critical that your wet mixture is perfectly smooth. You can have some little buttery pieces up in there. Just not chunks.

Wet and dry finally come together! Mix just until they are combined. The batter can (and really should) be lumpy! If you mix too long, it will come out hard. It’s chemistry, people. Don’t mess with it. Then fold in the blueberries until just evenly distributed.

That is a glorious sight.

Now into your nonstick sprayed glass pan:

Those little blueberries are so cute.

The blueberries will sink to the bottom. Just so you know. With this size pan and my oven, it took about 30-40 minutes at 400 to set up. Just keep sticking a toothpick in the middle. When it comes out clean, it’s done! Stick it in different places: some parts cook before others.

Golden. Brown.

It was just a shade darker than I would have liked, but it didn’t taste overcooked at all, not even in the corners.

Told you they’d sink to the bottom!

It’s a really lovely bread/cake. The cinnamon adds such a great color to it, which sets off the very blue berries nicely. I was especially happy with how the berries remained blue and not purple. Not that I mind purple, but I LOVE blue.

Nommity nom nom.

Great crumb, very cake-y. I recommend a fork. It’s delicious when warm, and I’m excited to try it cold later. I may try this again with a different blueberry muffin recipe. We have an excellent America’s Test Kitchen recipe that is far more labor-intensive, but worth it. We’ll see if I get to it before I leave!

Yesterday was all random thoughts, so I’ll let you get back to your weekends now. Happy Saturday!

With love,


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