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Adaptations and redux

Happy Thursday! How’s everyone feeling about their weekend? It’s here so soon! If you belong to the working world (unlike me): you can do it! Keep on keeping on, kids.

I made two recipes yesterday that I’ve already shown you: blueberry muffin bread and red velvet crinkles. This time around I did a couple of things differently.

Instead of the 8×8 glass pan, I baked the bread in actual loaf pans. This was an excellent decision. It took even less time to bake (right around 30 minutes), the berries sunk a little less, and it’s just so lovely.

So golden!

Lovely crackling on top. Just how I like my quick breads.

Berries all the way through!

Remember: it’s cake for breakfast. The addition of blueberries- which are not just a fruit, but a superfruit- obviously makes this healthy.

That bread is calling your name. Make it. Your roommates/family/friends/belly/soul will thank you.

I didn’t do much differently with the red velvet crinkles, except I only baked one tray at a time. I know I said in my last post that I don’t care about using my non-convection oven like a convection oven. My concern wasn’t about getting the cookies baked evenly; it was about not letting the powdered sugar sink into the cookie too much. It’s such an oily dough that if the dough balls sit on the cookie sheet for too long, they will absorb all the powdered sugar, and then the crinkle effect is not as striking. So this time, as soon as they were rolled, in they went, instead of waiting to have two trays finished. The aesthetics were nicer this time. Naturally, I don’t have pictures. Just take my word for it.

Also, since I refuse to buy parchment paper until I encounter a major kitchen disaster that could have been averted only by using it, I lined the cookie sheets with paper bags once again. And, because I am lazy and didn’t want to use another paper bag, I reused one and just stuck the cookie dough on the non-greasy patches. It worked just fine.

I think Martha Stewart would hate me.

We’ve reached random thoughts time!

Some days, all you want for lunch is mini bagels.

I run or walk nearly every day along a parkway near my house. Even with all the cars whizzing by, it’s a nice little piece of greenspace. Which makes it awfully unfortunate that people litter the way they do all over it. The contents of this litter are also quite curious. There’s a lot of typical garbage, like food wrappers and cigarette packs. There’s also a high prevalence of empty bottles of alcohol- which means people are either drinking on foot in the unlit parkway really late at night, or they’re throwing these bottles out of their cars. I also found what looked like a Starbucks cup that someone had exploded, and a large piece of fish skin. During the day, it’s all dog walkers, bikers, runners, and walkers. What happens there after dark?!

I cleaned my bathroom at 10 o’ clock last night. I’m gonna be that single girl, aren’t I?

Friends: I have to decide what I’m baking my dad for Father’s Day! Should I bake this fresh strawberry pie or this blueberry upside-down cake?

Thank you to all of my new followers and whoever’s reading this! I only know a couple of you followers from outside of the Internet, so please comment and say hi if you haven’t yet. I’d love to make friends with you!

Closing thought: I posted recently about trying to plan my life and get where I’m going fast. This song has been resonating off the walls with me recently. If you’re in the same spot that I am, I recommend that you take a listen.

With love,


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