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It’s all coming together

Yesterday, I received my host family placement and a boatload of schedules and information regarding my first few weeks in Chile. Ohhhhh jeez. Now it’s starting to get real. I’ve got names (and faces- my friend was this host family’s first international child, and she’s got pictures), addresses, dates, and even times. It’s happening.

So that’s the study abroad update for the day! Let’s talk dessert.

I bought peaches and raspberries like six days ago with the intention of making this peach and raspberry crumble from- you guessed it- Joy the Baker. But then we didn’t have vanilla ice cream, which you must have to serve with any form of crumble or crisp. And then I got sick. Finally, we got the ice cream and I felt well enough to mix this up.

No lies: this is an easy dessert. These summer fruits are in season all over the place, which means you can probably get them on sale at your grocery store. Even better: if they’re in season in your region, go buy them off a stand on the side of the road or at a farmers’ market. Support local businesses and be green!

Off my soapbox. Back  to dessert!

Wash and slice some peaches.

Pretty, juicy, and sweet.

Rinse some raspberries.

Pink! So pink!

Mix up butter, old fashioned oats (not quick oats!), sugar, flour, cinnamon, allspice, and a pinch of salt until it forms a coarse crumble topping. Do this with your hands. Yes, your hands. Get in there and get dirty!

Sandy and soft.

Get your fruit in the pan.

Are those colors not incredible?

P.S. Yes, I was shooting at night in my kitchen. That’s why the lighting is so horrible.

Mix part of the crumble topping in with the fruit. Redistribute the fruit evenly in the pan, and put the rest of the topping in there.


Juicy, sweet, tart fruit. Golden, crunchy, sugary, buttery topping.

Wait for it…


Really, you do have to serve it warm with vanilla ice cream. The creaminess just goes so well with the warmth and the tartness of the crumble.

Let’s just get a look at the beautiful colors in the crumble:

Scrumptious. Colorful AND scrumptious.

Fruit-based desserts are where it’s at for summer, guys. I’m telling ya. The 4th of July is coming up! I strongly suggest you get on this bandwagon for all those raucous patriotic parties you’ll be attending.

Random thoughts:

If you have crazy hair, don’t dye it. If you have blonde hair, don’t dye it. If you have both- like me- don’t EVER EVER EVER dye your hair. I now know what people pay to go blonde. Curly blonde girls, we have been created so that we wouldn’t have to pay for such craziness. I did yesterday, because I dyed my hair dark. Never. Again.

Get up in the morning and do the crap you have to get done. Just do it!

With love,



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