This post brought to you by the number 6

Yes, I just referenced Sesame Street.

6 is for the number of days I have left at home. And boy, what a crazy 6 days it’s going to be. I have about 75% of my shopping left to do, 100% of my packing, plus family in town visiting.

You’ll have to forgive me that the baking on this blog is more or less done for the time being. I’m sure once I get to Chile, I’ll do a few food and drink posts about whatever I’ve been eating on the street or in restaurants, what we’ve been drinking in the clubs and at parties, and anything anyone has taught me how to make. But this blog is about to take a big turn from baking talk to study abroad talk.

I had my first holy-crap-I’m-leaving freakout a few days ago. I was hanging out up in my room, and my mom came up and suggested that maybe I should set aside my winter things. This somehow brought me to tears: the stress of having visitors and trying to get ready for my trip was really building up, and it was hitting me how quickly this summer has gone by and how little I feel like I’ve gotten accomplished. Mom, however, managed to calm me down, as she always does. She reminded me that really, I’ve had like seven weeks to start packing, and it couldn’t hurt to set aside the stuff you’re not even gonna wear during this last week. So we pulled out sweaters and jeans and all the other stuff that makes me sweat just thinking about wearing in this heat wave. And I felt a lot better. Now if only I’d gotten more packing done since then…

Things I’ll miss while I’m gone:

Coffee. They’re tea drinkers down in Chile. I’m down with that- I do really love tea- but I’ve gotten very used to coffee here in the States.

Being able to text my friends and family whenever I feel like it. I don’t have an iPhone, so I don’t have the option of iMessage wherever I can get WiFi. Darn international messaging rates.

My own bed.

My running/walking route. I’ve gotten used to seeing some of the same people every day, and I just love the way it looks in the morning.

My own city. I love my hometown so, so much, and summer is the best time to be here.

My parents’ cooking. Egg sandwiches, chicken stew, red sauce, salmon, beer can chicken, pot roast- the list goes on.

Baking. I love making something with my own two hands, giving it to someone, and seeing them (hopefully) enjoy it. It’s a great feeling.

Campus. Aw heck, I already miss it. The office of admissions recently posted a picture of campus in the morning, and it made my heart hurt.

The comfort of knowing where everything is and how to get there. Also, the comfort of a life without public transportation.

Sunlight and summer temperatures. It’s winter in Chile. It’s summer in the Midwest. Needless to say I’m worried about what the sudden change in daylight hours and temperature is going to do to me.

Mi familia. Por supuesto.

Not having to be vigilant against pickpocketing. Does it happen to everyone? No, of course not. But does it happen to someone? Yes. And I don’t want to be that person.

English. I love Spanish. I really, truly do. I think it’s a beautiful, lyrical, rhythmic language. But I know there are days ahead where I’m gonna hate having to search for words and verb tenses.

Not getting catcalled. I am a gringa. I am blonde. It will be an experience.

I suppose I should get off the Internet and get enjoying all the things I’m going to miss!

With love,


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