¡Feliz Navidad!

It’s La Noche Buena, or Christmas Eve. I can’t believe
we’re already here! I haven’t actually been home for that long, but
in some ways it feels like I never left. I have moments where I
think about how I was living in another country for five months.
Living there. I could kind of find my way around. I took the metro
and walked almost every day and felt like I belonged there, like it
wasn’t so strange. I had a place there. But then it was time to
leave. I really was not into the idea of a hot and summery
Christmas. We were lucky enough to get some snow and cold in
Wisconsin recently, and we are looking at a white Christmas. The
house is decorated, the cookies are baked, the presents are
wrapped. All is right with the world. This “homecoming transition”
thing they warned us about hasn’t been too bad. Sometimes I miss
being in a big city. I’ve had some crazy cravings for bread and
avocado. I made alfajores and they just didn’t come out the way
they should have. At the same time, I’m enjoying the Midwest’s
legendary friendliness. I love the lack of pollution. And I can
text my friends whenever I want again. I still felt, however, that
I was not finished in Chile. I had some stuff left to do. Thus, I
am happy to announce that 2013 will include a return to Santiago. I
was recently informed that I received an internship with a
nonprofit there, and I should be back in May and spend most of the
summer there- well, the winter, actually. Yup. I’m getting three
winters in the space of a year. I have yet to formally accept the
internship, and I know only the basics of what I will be doing
there. But, barring any major and unexpected obstacles, I’m going
back. This was a wonderful early Christmas present, and I feel a
sense of relief knowing that I do indeed have a way back there, and
in a fairly short amount of time. When I first found out about the
internship, it was a little hard to think about going back after
just having come home. Now I’m much more excited. But for the time
being, I’m glad to be here. I’m very content just to be with my
family and friends, and I’m so excited to be going back to campus
in January. It’s good to be back. And it’s great to be going back.
Friends, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, or whatever holiday
you celebrate. And I wish you many blessings for an excellent 2013.
May it be your best year yet. Con cariño, Gaby DSCF5422

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