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Ain’t no stoppin’ us now

We’re on the move!┬á (I love this song. I love funk and soul and disco. I was definitely born in the wrong music era.)

I’ve been meaning to post for a couple of weeks now. I doubt any of you have been checking the blog daily to see if I’ve written anything new, but here’s what’s been going on lately in case you’re interested!

So January came and went in a flash, and February is moving along at about the same speed. I am two weeks away from spring break. Just two weeks! I am still stunned that my work load has not gotten overwhelming yet. The past couple of nights I’ve had so little work that I can just get it done in my room, and have then just been getting ahead on what I can. Last night I turned on the TV and made a lot of progress on my Chile round 2 paperwork.

I will be in a play next weekend (hey friends on campus- you should come and see it!), and then the week after that, I’m going home and then to Florida. And then home again. And THEN the semester will really be getting busy. Things get going the week after spring break and pretty much don’t stop until the end.

It’s crazy how we can look so many weeks ahead and yet it feels like it’s all rushing by. The work that is due each week and all the events every weekend just pile up on top of each other, and BAM! It’s May. And then BAM! I’ll be in Chile. And then, considering how quickly time flies by, BAM! It will be the end of July and I’ll be returning to the States. And then BACK TO SCHOOL. What?

Let’s not think about that right now. Let’s just chat.

My resolutions are going…all right. I started to refocus when Lent began. My dad said it best: you break your New Year’s resolutions by the end of January but recommit to them when Lent starts. Lucky for us, Lent began in the middle of February this year! I’ve been on Facebook less, which does wonders for my productivity (shocking, right?). I have not been reading newspapers or keeping up on Twitter as much as I intended. This is dangerous, because we’re in a bubble on campus and when I’m here I tend to get pretty disconnected from the national news. One thing I do to try and stay in the loop, though, is attend a weekly news discussion. It’s a small group, usually the same people each week, and we just talk about an article for an hour or so and see where it takes us.

I am still saying yes, trying not to be lazy, trying to do some new things. It’s that point in the semester where everyone is very busy, though, so at the same time I’m working on just being by myself. It’s not like freshman or sophomore year where I eat with the same people every night; our schedules are too irregular or don’t match up, and so if the group of friends gets together for dinner two or three times a week, that’s pretty great. I think it’s important to learn how to be alone. That is not the same as being antisocial; I do not say no to being with people! But when I can’t get together with my friends all the time, I’m not bummed about it. It just makes me appreciate my time with my friends that much more.

One of my Lenten promises, or really my only hard-and-fast promise, is to pray every day. I’ve always prayed most days, usually just connecting absent-mindedly with God for a moment on the way to class. But life is changing. And fast. And faith helps you get through those changes. So my goal is to make it to the Grotto (a replication of the Grotto in Lourdes) on my campus to sit in prayer, not doing anything else, even for just five minutes every day. It’s so helpful to have a few minutes where you do nothing else but sit there with God. It quiets my mind, slows me down, and keeps me focused on what really matters.

Okay. You want to see some baked goods, right?

I actually baked something from scratch! In my dorm! No box mixes involved!

Chocolate chip banana bread. This was a huge hit in my office.

Chocolate chip banana bread. This was a huge hit in my office. Cake for breakfast!

And then for Mardi Gras/Valentine’s Day (they were in the same week, and I didn’t have time to bake twice), cookie bars.

Those little red and white candies are Sixlets. Like decorative M&Ms. M&Ms would have been better.

Those little red and white candies are Sixlets. Like decorative M&Ms. M&Ms would have been better.

I found the recipe here. It’s hard to get much easier than this cookie bars!

I go through Chile-sickness from time to time. The other day I made myself a Chilean salad in the dining hall- meaning iceberg lettuce with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. I’m pretty sure the girls sitting near me thought I was crazy salting a bowl of iceberg lettuce. But it was what I wanted. The next Chile class of students from my school are almost done with their pre-program, and they’ve begun to post photos on Facebook. They’re killing me. It just looks so summery and warm and Chilean! Then again, it was in the high fifties and rainy here a couple of weeks ago. And it reminded me just how much I learned to hate that weather in a country where there is no central heating. And that I’m going back to exactly that kind of weather in less than three months (WHOA).

So for now, as always, I’m enjoying this. What I’ve got in front of me. College life. My family within a few hours’ drive. Central heating. Drip coffee. And all the good stuff that I missed while I was gone.

Maybe there’ll be another post in the near(er) future! Until then…

Much love,


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