¡VIVA CHILE! Chilean Independence Day 2013

¡Feliz día de independencia!

A year ago today (yeah, I’m doing that again), I was in Maule, running around from ramada to ramada trying chicha, eating way too many empanadas and cabritas, and dancing more cumbia than most gringas have ever danced.

Today, I ran around between my dorm and classes and meetings. I have played cumbia at every possible moment, I have liked basically every single Chile-related thing on Facebook (and it’s a lot, considering a significant portion of my network is connected to Chile), and later tonight all of the Chile alums will be gathering to celebrate las fiestas patrias. We’re gonna have pan and palta and pebre and alfajores and an asado. It remains to be seen if we will have access to Chilean wine or pisco (the cheap stuff sells for $30 a bottle here. Que triste.). With more time and equipment I would have made empanadas, but alas, we will make do.

En celebración, I have attached a few of my highlight blog posts for those of you interested in reliving the Chilean experience or learning more about it. You know, in case you didn’t catch it the first time or any other time I’ve gotten nostalgic (hint: that’s all the time).

Gaby, hijita, ¿pancito? ¿Tecito?

Consultas que tengo (Questions I have)

Chilean Independence Day

Al Sur (To the South)

What I’ve Learned about Chileans Thus Far

Things I’ve Learned About Chile/Chileans, Part 2

How to Tell a Foreigner from a Chilean

¡Viva Chile!


La Gaby

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