You Know You’re Ready to Go Back to Chile When…

You start to get nostalgic about fall and winter, conveniently forgetting the fact that you complained every single day about the cold and damp (and the fact that you just went through your worst Midwestern winter ever).

This is what I was wearing last year in July. I am crazy enough to miss this?

You drink tea (black and chamomile) just for the smell, because it reminds you of pre-program.

You almost tear up when your friend serves you avocado toast before your big interview, because it’s like the spirit of your host family descending upon you for support.

First avocado toast (pan con palta) in months. MONTHS.

First avocado toast (pan con palta) in months. MONTHS.

You inhale papas con chorizo in the dining hall, not because it’s Chilean (it’s not), but because it tastes vaguely like something you ate there. You also eat it with corn. Starch on starch on starch.

You listen to your Santiago radio station constantly, and you keep up on the big sales and events.

You follow the weather and grimace when you see that it’s rainy and below 60. That’s FREEZING.

It really hits you just how flat the Midwest is. La cordillera would be such a great change of scenery right now.

I mean look at that.

I mean, look at that.

You find excuses to wear your poncho. And your lapiz lazuli. And your mapuche earrings.

You follow the crap out of Santiago-based Instagrams.

You know when they have feriados.

You are pleased on the days when you look particularly chilena.

You panic when you start forgetting your Chilean vocabulary. You also laugh when you figure out that everyone else pronounces guapa with a hard g and not like wapa.

You find your old receipts from Espacio Salcobrand and Jumbo and get super nostalgic. Because you remember that shopping trip when you bought gummy bears and conditioner and apparently it was really important.

At one point I actually took a picture of the mess of receipts that I had. And I kept the picture.

At one point I actually took a picture of the mess of receipts that I had. And I kept the picture.

You spent a solid five minutes deciding whether or not you were going to keep those receipts (RECEIPTS) and put them in a scrapbook or something. (Rational Gaby won out and threw them in the trash, just so you know.)

Cumbia was the only thing that kept you awake working on your lighting design project at 2 in the morning. I talk about cumbia pretty frequently without giving you any examples, so here you go:

You go to Chicago, ride the Metra, and realize just how much you miss the metro, conveniently forgetting (again) what it’s like to ride for 20 minutes pressed up against the chest of a complete stranger.

From the one day that I got off at the wrong stop.

From the one day that I got off at the wrong stop.

For my fellow Chile alums, what do you miss about Chilito? What are the triggers for your nostalgia and Chile-sickness? Add a comment if you please! These are only a few of the things I could think of off the top of my head.

I’m not ready to start thinking about everything I’m going to miss about college yet- that’s a whole other post that I already have titled- so let’s just keep remembering one of the most amazing experiences college gave me: my semester and internship abroad.



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