Chile and Living Abroad

If you’re looking to learn more about my experiences in Chile, please see the following links:

Y así empezamos (And so we begin)

Gaby, hijita, ¿pancito? ¿Tecito?

Welcome to the jungle

Estás en tu casa

Consultas que tengo (Questions I have)

1 month down

Lessons and questions

Chilean Independence Day

Valley of Paradise?

Aprovechar (To take advantage of)

Al Sur (To the South)

What I’ve Learned about Chileans Thus Far

En fin

Things I’m Learning About Traveling


I am not on vacation

Things I’ve Learned About Chile/Chileans, Part 2

How to Tell a Foreigner from a Chilean

Language is Fun!


A comer!

For the complete set of posts written in Chile, please see the archives from July through December 2012, and from May through July 2013.

¡Disfruta! / Enjoy!

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